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Brian’s Drilling Company is a privately owned business managed by Blue River Projects with pride and passion for alternative water and solar strategies for homes and businesses.

We are “Water at its Best.”

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A Bit About Us

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

BDC brings with it a rich history of experience in the water supply industry. In the early years of the 1990s and 2000s, the main focus of the company was the rural water supply. We manufactured our own rural water handpump and installed it in rural areas. BDC worked hand in hand with well-known NGOs like Oxfam, CARE, and UNICEF to bring much-needed safe, potable water to poverty-stricken and inaccessible communities.

Today BDC provides water solutions to the domestic and commercial markets. The company brings with it all the experience and expertise from the early days and works within the framework of international standards. In light of the recent water crisis, BDC strives to bring reliable, safe water to its clients.

BDC is a business that is passionate about all things water. We have established ourselves as a leading borehole driller in Gauteng and offer a professional borehole drilling service. Our experience in the water supply industry spans more than 20 years. We have a range of solutions to meet your requirements.

Our services are backed by superior products provided by industry leaders. Solutions are tailored for you, ensuring reliable and sustainable water supply systems.

Cumulative Years Experiance

Successful Borehole Drills

We’ve Been Drilling For Over 25 Drilling Years

The looming water crisis makes it imperative that people secure their own water source and drilling a borehole offers the client an opportunity to get off the grid. BDC’s vision is to be a key player in assisting homes and businesses to achieve this. We aim to do this by pooling together a wealth of skill and expertise supported by best practices and a commitment to working in an honest and transparent manner.

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Let’s Build Something Together

With so many contractors available in, the borehole drilling market why choose us? As a dedicated family business, we put honesty and integrity first. In an industry fraught with half-truths and disappointments we are committed to giving you the full picture so that you can make the best decision for what can be one of the most important investment decisions for your home.

A borehole is an investment that increases the value of your property. You want to be sure that you have made the right decision and with transparent consultation and straightforward honesty, we make sure you have all the necessary information at your disposal.


What Are The Benefits of a Borehole

There are many reasons why residential homeowners choose to invest in borehole drilling on their properties:-

  •  If your municipality is unable to provide you with water then a borehole can give you direct access to water
  • Clean, potable borehole water means that you have water independence from municipal sources and you can go off the grid.
  • With a borehole you say goodbye to frustrating water cuts, municipal disruptions and water rationing during times of drought.
  • With a borehole on your property, you will save money every day by reducing your municipal bill and will increase the value of your property.
  • Water from your own borehole is not treated with chemicals so there is no added fluoride or chlorine. In fact, most of the bottled water available from the shops comes from boreholes.
  • A borehole also reduces your carbon footprint
  • A borehole also keep the garden beautifully green and luscious even in a drought.
What can I use borehole water for?

Borehole water can be used once the borehole installation has been completed and the water has been tested. You will be informed if it is suitable to fill your pool. It is important to test the water as unsuitable water can stain your pool.


The safest way to use bore water is to irrigate the garden, flush toilets, and wash cars and clothes. Before using borehole water for drinking, bathing, filling swimming, and paddling pools, food preparation, or cooking unless it should be professionally tested and treated if necessary.

Do I Need Approval to Install a Borehole?

If you are only going to use your borehole for domestic purposes (garden & household use) then no approval is required. If the water is going to be used in a manufacturing process (such as making Coca-Cola) and farming then it will require approval.

Do I need to register my borehole?

Currently, the national water act classifies residential boreholes as Schedule 1 and no formal approval is required. litersSchedule 1 has a limit of 10 000 liters extracted from the borehole daily.

 Commercial and Business boreholes will need to be registered with the Department of Water and water use license 

We do assist homeowners and commercial businesses with registration services.

Is borehole water safe to drink?

The short answer is YES in most cases.

All spring and most bottled water that you buy is water that comes from the ground.

 If you are going to drink the water (64% of South Africans survive on groundwater!) then it is a good idea to have it analyzedAfricans survive at a water lab. A simple SABS-241 test will confirm if it is potable or not. Water must be ‘potable’—which is to say of safe, drinkable quality.


Drinking water quality is always assessed by a laboratory analysis after the well is drilled. We would always recommend this. In many cases, the water will require no treatment. However, if there is any evidence of bacterial contamination, an ultraviolet (UV) sterilization unit and pre-filter can be installed. This uses UV light to kill the bacteria and make the water safe. Unlike chemical purification methods, this does not taint the water. If the water is turbid—muddy or cloudy with suspended particles—in-line filters will remove the problem to provide you with good clear water.


However, in any situation where the general public is likely to drink water from your supply, we suggest that you install UV sterilization: In this litigious age, it is important that you can demonstrate that you have taken all possible steps to eliminate possible risks

Do I Need to Treat my Garden Bore Water?

It is not usually necessary to treat your bore water providing it:

  • Has a pH greater than 5;
  • Is colorless and odorless; and
  • Will only be used to water the garden, wash cars, and flush toilets.

Client Testimonials

“Wow, you guys really know your stuff! After drilling a successful borehole, the installation was done in the given timeframe. The filtration system works perfectly, and we have nature’s goodness running through our taps!”

– Tim Jordan

“Thank you for a great job done. We are ecstatic with the results. Going off the grid gives us peace of mind that we will never be without water. Should have done this a long time ago.”

– Jenny White

“What a friendly bunch of guys. You answered all our questions, provided expert advice, and put our minds at rest. We were cautious about making such a big investment but now that we have seen the final product, it was well worth it. Thank you for holding our hand throughout the process. It was good to know we were in capable hands. Wishing you all the best!” 

– Samantha Jensen

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